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This database contains photometry collected by the LINEAR survey. The details on the LINEAR data set can be found in the data analysis paper . It should be noted that SDSS data returned by the LINEAR DB is subject to some caveats that apply to SDSS DR8 release on which the current compilation is based. Due to a known problem with SDSS DR8 astrometry, positions and proper motions provided by this database may be incorrect for objects north of Dec = 40 deg. This astrometry issue does not affect LINEAR positions or any other LINEAR data processing such as calibration and source selection, because they are tied to the SDSS DR7 release.

The web interface allows users to:

  1. Issue free style SELECT queries

    Click on "SQL Query" and type in a SELECT statement.

  2. Search for objects by position and other properties

    Click on "Object Search" to use the cone search facility and set ranges on properties such as colors, periods, light curve stats etc. The interface allows you to select display columns and presents data in a convenient paginated table.

  3. Match your catalog with LINEAR objects

    Click on "Catalog Matching" and submit a list of positions or LINEARdb object IDs to get a list of matching objects.

  4. Extract collections of light curves in batch mode

    Click on "Light Curves" and submit a list of LINEARdb object IDs to get a tar archive of files with individual light curves.

Released on January 9, 2012.